The TRUTH Behind the Proverbs 31 Woman's Success 2 years ago


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Hey Beautiful gems!

In this video I'm sharing with you the success behind the coveted Proverbs 31 woman from the bible.

Many people idolize this woman and believe that she has set the bar too high and its unrealistic and unattainable to be this type of woman, yet we admire her for it.

I want to share with you what the Lord has shown me about the success of this woman and that the Lord did not put this story of this woman in the bible if this was impossible to attain what she attained which was success in her life as a wife, mother, businesswoman, respect, her character, her relationships etc..

and that through certain strategies she implemented in her life she was able to achieve this.

Watch the video until the end so you can learn and implement these into your life as well.


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